Life Members

faviconDA Life Members

1988Peter McMenamin (ACT) Awarded 28/2/1988 (deceased/20/2/2001)
1990Dennis Binnington (QLD) Awarded 27/7/1990 (deceased 3/7/2000)
1993Marlene Gray (VIC) Awarded 27/2/1993 (deceased 14/8/1993)
1994William (Bill) Morgan (NSW)  Awarded 6/3/1994 (deceased)
1997Allan Hutchinson (VIC) Awarded 3/3/1997
2000Roy Nipperess (QLD) Awarded 27/2/2000
2000Jim Lynn (WA) Awarded 27/2/2000
2004Betty Hislop (WA) Awarded 5/3/2004
2007Phil Wyatt (WA) Awarded 2/3/2007
2009Sheila Bolton (VIC) Awarded 1/8/2009 
2009Mark Heinz (SA) Awarded 2009 
2012Terry Taylor (QLD)
2015Wendy Sinclair (VIC)
2016Rod Bessell (TAS)

2017      Geraldine Hutchinson (Vic )

2017      Judy Taylor (QLD)


Hall of Fame

faviconHall of Fame Men

2007Russell Stewart           Player
2007Peter McMenamin     Administrator
2007Kevin White                 Player   (deceased)
 2007Fred Royal                   Administrator
 2007Barry Wilkshire          Player
 2007Barry Thomas             Administrator  (deceased)
 2007Allen Kingston           Player (deceased)
 2007Dennis Binnington   Administrator   (deceased)
 2007Brian Machin             Player
 2007Geoff Mitchell            Administrator
 2007Wayne Atkins            Player
 2007Neville Cowen           Administrator  (deceased)
 2007Steve Duke (Snr)      Player
2007Allan Hutchinson     Administrator 
2007Terry O'Dea               Player
2007Tom Grenfell             Administrator
2008Frank Palco               Player
2008Lloyd Wright            Administrator 
2008Darrell Logue           Player
2008Bert Ridgway            Player 
2008Roy Nipperess          Administrator 
2008Trevor McDonald    Player  
2008Ron Miller                Administrator
2008Kevin Smith             Player 
2008Wayne Weening     Player 
2008Graham Hunt          Player 
2008Phil Wyatt               Administrator 
2009Tony David             Player 
2010Malcolm Bridges   Administrator
2010Tim Brown              Player 
2011John Burnett           Player
2011Terry Taylor            Administrator 
2012Jim Lynn                 Administrator
2013Dennis Nolan          Administrator
2015Barry Atkinson        Player


faviconHall of Fame Women

2007Marlene Gray                   Administrator  (deceased)
2007Ruth Pustvarh                  Player
2007Kerry Jacobs (Slattery)  Player  (deceased)
2007Ivy Hampton                    Player
2007Barbara Fletcher              Player (deceased)
2007 Pat Roberts                       Player
2007Margaret Plapp                Player
2007Pauline Munday              Player
2007Cherry Bradshaw            Player
2007Marie Banks                     Player
2008 Eileen Foster/Wilson     Player
2008Alison Falconer               Administrator
2008Pam Burr                          Player 
2008Mavis Nicholson            Player
2008Leanne Faulkner            Player
2008Dot Spiller                       Player
2008Tracey Anderson           Player
2008Sheila Bolton                 Administrator
2008Louise Ball                     Player 
2009 Dot McLeod                   Player
2009Betty Hislop                  Administrator
2010Dot Voakes 
2012Carol Forwood               Player
2014Geraldine Hutchinson  Administrator



Wendy Sinclair               Administrator

Corinne Hammond      Player