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Zelma makes her Mark at Championships

Zelma Moran

Zelma Moran being presented with a set of Darts at the Australian Championships by DA President Kelvin James . Darts Donated by Puma Shot Darts.

Zelma has been playing darts  for 23 years in the Newcastle area. She commenced her darting career by helping a friend by filling in for a social competition.

Zelma or Aunty Zel as she is known is 79 years young.

Zelma is an accomplished hockey player who played A Grade in Newcastle for many years.

Awarded oldest hockey player in NSW. In 1984 Zelma  represented NSW in the Ladies Australian Hockey Championships.

Elder from Annawon area in  New England, NSW

She now resides in Toronto Newcastle since 1972. She mover her family to Newcastle to  access better education for a Children and better employments opportunities.

Zelma worked as a machinist for Rundle clothing in Newcastle

She then worked as an aboriginal liaison officer for Hunter health

1985 she went to Cumberland College for Aboriginal health and community development.

Zelma is an elder of both Birraban and Koomphatoo local Aboriginal Land Councils. Zelma is enjoying the competitive nature of the championships.

Zelma said ‘I love the championships and am having the time of my life. Ts such a wonderful


NSW is proud to have Zelma as a part of our team and find her to be an incredible inspiration to all players. Obviously age is never a barrier.



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