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DA Board Positions – 2018

DA Board Positions Extended .

The Following Positions on DA Board  have been extended closing on 3rd April 2018.

  • Events Controller .
  • Governance -Corporate and Legal .
  • National Marketing & Promotional.

Key Position Descriptions .

Events Controller

  •            To liaise with the Host state officials and any appointed individual from the host state to facilitate the Championships.
  •            To assist in the development & approval & successful application of the Program for Australian Championships.
  •                Control of statistical information re Championships.
  •                Dispersal of Statistical information to DA Executive and Board and to officials from Affiliated bodies.
  •                Liaison with volunteers to provide services to the officials and players during the championships.
  •                Appointment of floor controllers that report directly to the Events controller.
  •                Application of the portfolio to further events i.e. Australian Grand Masters, Pacific Masters, Grand Prix events.
  •                Create a resource package for hosts of Grand Prix events, Including the championships and develop a standard format for Events.
  •                Assist in the development of programs in liaison with the Marketing/Promotions Director. Australian C,ships & Televised Events.

National Marketing /Promotional

  •                     To include the strategy in the production of Darts Australia’s     Business   Plan.
  •                     Explore and present potential marketing opportunities through multi media outlets
  •                     Manage promotion of the organisation through current media. (Website – Print media Facebook & Team Apps.)
  •                     Development and purchase of promotional materials to assist in creating and maintaining a high profile for the Organisation and the sport.
  •    Liaise with Executive to create opportunities through merchandising    & DA Logo.
  •    To seek Endorsement arrangements with public identities.
  •    To oversee event marketing including the Australian Championships and any future event specifically identified for promotion of the organisation.
  •    Liaise with Webmaster & oversee the content and development of Darts Australia Website.

Governance -Corporate and Legal .


  • Develop a sponsorship process that is fair and equitable to all parties.
  • To ensure the BDO are informed of development of sponsorship/limitations regarding Darts Australia requirements.
  • To create a( needs based) requirement for sponsorship. This is to include the affiliated bodies and their requirements for sponsorship.
  • To disseminate development opportunities through the BDO to affiliated States/Territories.
  • To investigate and review sponsorship agreements and seek further advice if necessary.
  • To prepare sponsorship and other documents for presentation and endorsement.
  • To present an annual report on the development of sponsorship opportunities and current sponsorship progression .
  • To seek assistance from individuals with recognised skill base to assist in the successful development of this position .

Applicants should forward any relevant information outlining




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