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Amendment to Bull Rule

Amendment to Bull Rule Darts Australia 



01      A Bull throw shall determine the order of play in each match. The throwing order for     the Bull throw shall be determined at the Control Desk or at the Match Board by a draw or the toss of a coin.


02 The winner of the Bull throw shall throw first in the match and all subsequent “odd        numbered legs” which will also include the “tie-break” leg if required. In matches divided into sets the winner of the Bull throw shall throw first in all “odd numbered” sets.


03 In throws for the Bull each player, in Singles events, or one of the team members shall throw one dart for the Bull. The dart must remain in the dartboard in order to count and re-throws shall be made until a dart remains in the dartboard. If the dart enters the “25” or “Bull” sector it shall be removed before the opponent takes his/her throw. Re-throws shall be called for if the Referee cannot determine which dart is nearer the Bull, or if both darts are in the Bull, or if both darts are in the ’25’ ring. A re-throw shall be in the reverse order of the previous throw. The player who throws nearer the centre of the dartboard shall throw first in the match.


04 The player names shall be entered on the scoreboard in the same order (left and right Sides) as they are listed on the score card.


05 In Pairs and Team events, where the players throw in rotation, the ‘Order of Throw’ shall be displayed on the scoreboard before the match commences.





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