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DA Reps BDO World Championships

Darts Australia Representatives head off to UK to play in the BDO World Professional Championships at Lakeside being played from 5th January to 13th January .

With Australia having two representatives in the draw and unfortunately having drawn each other it will certainly be an interesting contest .

Darts Australia wishes Justin and Mal all the best  and also to Corinne who will be playing . 



Justin Thompson





Tool Maker/Fitter and Turner


Played events:


1999 First DA Championships – Rookie of the year

2000 Fairfield Classic Winner

2002 Victorian Mens Masters Winner

2003 World Cup Team Bronze

2013 Victorian Hall of Fame

2016 Vic State Singles winner

2016 Asia Pacific Cup singles winner

2016 Asia Pacific Cup doubles winner

2016 Asia Pacific Cup team winner

2016 Asia Pacific Cup winner

2016 Japan Open Semi Finalist

2017 Geelong Dart Club Winner

2017 North Albury Open Winner

2017 World Cup team event winner

2017 World Cup winner

2017 Australian Mens Singles Winner

2017 Van Diemans Classic Winner

2018 Lakeside International equal 9th

2018 Murray Bridge Classic Winner

2018 Sunshine State Winner

2018 Newcastle Classic Winner

2018 Great Lakes Winner

2018 Australian Mens Singles Winner

2018 Asia Pacific Cup winner

2018 Asia Pacific Cup Mens Doubles Winner

2018 Redlands Christmas Classic Winner

2019 Lakeside International Qualifier


        There are wins during the years that I haven’t written, the memory just isn’t that good J I know I won the Echuca open several times, the Central Highlands, Albury Open, Murray Bridge and many doubles tournaments.

Ranked # 26 BDO

Ranked # 1 Australia

Represented Victoria 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2016, 2017, 2018

Represented Australia 2003, 2016, 2017, 2018  

Darts: 23g Perfect Storm Target, currently working on the Thommohawk dart, hopefully out soon

Started darts at the railways in Bendigo a long time ago. The first hotel I played for was the Rose of Australia in division 5. We won the premiership and I received my first trophy, it was 3 inches tall, I saw the division one trophies, being 2 ½ feet and I wanted one! So that set me off on becoming a good dart player. Dedication and determination got me there 6 seasons later.

I nearly didn’t get to play in 1998. After going through the first 2 stages of the Victorian state play offs and sitting in the top position, before the final round I crushed my arm in a work place accident. I nearly lost it. For 6 months I learnt to play with my left hand. 6 months after that 1999, I returned to the Vic State playoffs and made the team in the last spot. I made the top 8 averages with a 27.8 and won rookie of the year. As they say the rest is history

Stan Phelps, Graham Hunt, Steve Duke, Wayne Weening, Andy Robertson, Tony David, Kelvin James, in no particular order have all played a part in my successes. I have had many highlights, successes, achievements throughout my career. If I had to pick one highlight it would be the incredible feeling of hitting the winning leg in the world cup final, knowing that meant we won the world cup for the first time in history. Being able to represent your country in your chosen sport is a privilege and I am very proud to have done so.

I need to thank my sponsors. Without them, I simply could not have afforded to play darts the way I have in order to be able to achieve my position in Australia and to have been able to have won my spot in Lakeside. Murray Downs Gold and Country Club, Bullseye Darts, Top Shot Darts, Swan Hill Optical and Darts Australia for the opportunity and positions to represent our country.

Integrity, respect and sportsmanship are critical in being able to have sponsors and supporters of our game. I pride myself on being this every time I play. These opportunities will not be available to us, unless we strive to play with honor.

I would like to thank all the players of Darts Australia, I appreciate the support, messages, facebook comments, the friendships I have made.

Mal Cuming

I started playing club darts as a 15-year-old, so been playing on and off for 27 years. I started playing with my father Greg Cuming out of the Coronation hotel in Perth WA, Dad was a big influence on my darts being an A grade player himself, I had many good players that I looked up to like Fred Payne, Steve McCall, Brian Higgs, Peter Hinkley and many more too many to name, watching and listening to these guys helped form me into the player I am today.

 I played in the association under 25s twice which was a great experience, played in a few grand finals, won some lost some, but it was all learning, I’ve played for a few different clubs in Perth meeting many great people and players one of my favourite player as he was always grounded and always offered support and help if he saw something wrong in my game, Archie Watkins was and still is a massive support.

 I moved to Melbourne in 2010 and decided to see if I was good enough to make the Vic state team, I made the team in my first attempt in 2011 and have Represented Victoria 6 times now, to wear the navy blue with the big V is a big honour for me, to play alongside some of Victoria’s best players and learning from them is great.

 My biggest honour is heading to Lakeside England for my first time with a great mate Justin Thompson. I definitely wouldn’t be playing as well as I am if it wasn’t for the support from the likes of Wayne Weening, Justin Thompson and many more but none more than Natasha Reynolds, Tash is the reason I play darts, she pushes, encourages and kicks my bum when needed. I would also like to thank all my sponsors, 

Darts Australia

Dart World Australia 

Melton Dart club 

Jo’s mobile dog wash 

Weld Connect 

Pad Thai Melton 

Pabst construction 

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